Marlborough St, Maylands

Marlborough St, Maylands

Style: English
Completed: May 2015
Feature Piece: Circular Pathway
Key Materials: Recycled Bricks, Large Plant Assortment

A young couple contacted us seeking a landscape design and construction package that would compliment their newly renovated and extended 1915 built property in Maylands.  As the residence was situated close to the front boundary of a large block, the couple wanted to incorporate large English style garden beds to set the landscape apart from the conventional Australian lawn covered backyards. Materials that suited the style and character of the house were requested as a prerequisite for the design.

The design that met the couple’s budget and vision included detailed and layered garden beds surrounding a pathway constructed from recycled red bricks made during the same era as the original house construction. Enclosing the turf inside the path allowed the full depth of the landscape to be presented, emphasizing the path as the main feature and focal point of the landscape. A slightly raised garden bed with closely planted olive trees would eventually act as a thick screen to hide the future shed that the couple had planned for the rear of the property.

The construction of the landscape was completed on time and the couple was thrilled to have the garden ready the following month for a centenary celebration of the house construction.

August 15, 2017
Garden Makeover
Decorative Plant Selection Large Plant Assortment Recycled Bricks
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