Tristram Ln, Wattle Grove

Tristram Ln, Wattle Grove

Style: Modern
Completed: June 2015
Feature Piece: Stone Seat & Planter Box
Key Materials: Limestone, Granite, Synthetic Turf

The owner of the residential property consulted us to construct a landscape at the rear of his property that he had previously designed. As he had minimal time to maintain the landscape, we assisted in refining his design to eliminate as much upkeep as possible. This entailed changing reticulation, materials and plant selections to create a garden that only required attention once every 6 months.

Maximizing the use of granite pavers and synthetic turf allowed the completed landscape to drastically reduce the floor space requiring ongoing maintenance. The use of different colored pavers presented in a decorative modern layout presented an attractive appearance through the landscape. This was due to the black paver highlights masking the large percentage of area covered by paving, thus eliminating an overuse of a single colour. A thicker polished edge variety of the black granite paver was used for the stone feature seating, tying the limestone finish into the landscape to create a sense of continuity.

August 15, 2017
New Backyard
Granite Limestone Synthetic Turf
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