Hermitage Drive, The Vines

Hermitage Drive, The Vines

Style: English
Completed: January 2014
Feature Piece: Limestone Retaining
Key Materials: Reconstituted Limestone, Cobble Style Pavers, Decorative Plant Selection

The owner of the one-acre property contacted us requiring a neat attractive landscaping solution for the grounds immediately surrounding his freshly built home. Our design solution was to accommodate three conditions: the house was situated in a cut-out on the side of a slight hill; large windows gave the living space of the house a 360-degree view of the landscape and landscape was to incorporate the remaining natural bush land of the property as it was frequented by native animals.

The result of incorporating the design conditions saw the finished landscape combine rugged native plants and ground covers with the smooth neat finish of lawn, pavers and limestone retaining.  This allowed the neatness of the formal landscape areas to seamlessly flow into the natural bush land remaining on the property. The long lengths of retaining required in the design were utilized to include features and focal points, enhancing the view of the landscape from the interior living rooms. By including decorative stone outcrops, a mass array of flowering native shrubs and large grass tree feature pieces, the completed landscape presented the attractive solutions designed around the owner’s requests.

August 15, 2017
Garden Makeover
Cobble Style Pavers Decorative Plant Selection Reconstituted Limestone
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